Inspiring World-Class Innovation

In Western Australia

The Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation


How are we going to solve these problems?

By stimulating a high-knowledge, high-value innovation ecosystem.

By working with our university and institute researchers to translate their work into positive real-world effects.


What is CERI going to do?

Instilling an Entrepreneurial Mindset is core to moving research through Proof of Concept and into Startup companies.

Offer interactive learning modules, accompanied by intensive mentoring to take our CERIans through the Innovation Process.

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CERI is a newly established educational not-for-profit in Perth, WA. We are a new Hub for innovation research, delivering programmes in Entrepreneurial skills. Charlie Bass founded CERI in 2015, to encourage new economic growth in WA by inspiring world-class Innovation. It is the culmination of extensive research that Charlie has invested his efforts in CERI, having consulted industry representatives and universities on the economic challenges he perceived in Western Australia. CERI’s purpose is to encourage growth in the local economy by stimulating new developments and innovation in these industries, such as life science, agriculture and medicine. We want to ensure the economic development of Western Australia is not inhibited by a previous reliance on resource extraction.


CERI is unlike any shared workspace, offering programmes in entrepreneurial skills and innovation, with a focus on assisting researchers to translate their work through commercialisation to have positive real world effects. Based in Perth, we have a strong local focus and hope to create new business opportunities for the people in WA now and in the future. We will be giving WA based researchers an opportunity to gain new skills and learn more about life as an entrepreneur. Like the Space Race for the United States we hope CERI will stimulate growth in new areas of industry, creating new business opportunities in Perth, strengthening our economy and guaranteeing a more sustainable future. CERI will be a hub of new ideas within WA.


Our programmes will introduce those who attend our modules to an Entrepreneurial Mindset, taking them through proof-of-concept and ultimately to startup formation. Those researchers who attend CERI and do not proceed to the final stages will be able to implement the skills they gained at CERI throughout their career, whichever path they take. Assisting them to learn more about pitching and grant writing will ensure that even those who do not wish to proceed to startup formation will gain valuable new skills they can implement when they return to academia. We hope CERI will be a place for people to share ideas, we want to foster a creative environment that promotes collisions between the individuals attending for the best chances of new technologies being implemented across disciplines and for better chances of forming long-lasting and successful startup teams. The programmes we offer have been developed after Charlie and CEO Carolyn Williams spent some time in the Unites States late in 2015 and mid 2016, to meet and learn from similar programmes offered at MIT and Stanford. Our own Modules have been developed from those offered at these institutions as well as from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and the Ice House Entrepreneurship Programme. The workshops which make up our programmes are highly interactive, with a focus on mentoring and experiential learning. Our hope is that by providing researchers with these skills we can convert them from researchers to founders, who establish or are part of a startup. Starting a company can be daunting for many researchers, who consider commercialisation as a something outside of their capability, or the “dark-side” of research. Their new innovation skills gained at CERI will mean this is no longer a contributing factor to them deciding not to commercialise one of their research projects. Another aspect of CERI’s work will be to assist our CERIans to gain funding for their projects, possibly from venture capital or angel investment.


Our collaboration with corporate entities, universities, research institutes, government and the wider community will assist in fostering a positive innovation ecosystem, which is critical to the success of our endeavours. In order to break away from Perth’s reliance on the mining and resource sector we hope to develop WA as a national, or even international, hub of innovation and entrepreneurship. Our mission is to create a high-knowledge, high-value, high-growth economy in our State, to guarantee a sustainable future for our grandchildren and beyond.