Building CERI

Charlie Bass has been building the concept of CERI for the last two years. However, our new HQ is not quite so far down the track! We’ve come along way since construction began, but with definitely more progress to make before we can open our doors in mid-July.


Our special HQ is located on Stirling Highway, at number 22. This building has special significance for Charlie, who’s first office in Perth was located just a few doors down at number 14. By another coincidence 22 also happens to be the Master Builder number, which “can turn the most ambitious of dreams into reality and is potentially the most successful of all numbers”.


At CERI we’ve done our research to make sure our HQ is the best environment possible to help spark your creativity, stimulate growth and encourage inspirational collisions between our CERIans. Our Startup office doors will each boast an image of one of WA’s competitive strengths. There will be communal areas including a kitchen, perfect for the collisions of ideas and people as our attendees take their Entrepreneurial Journey. There will also be quiet areas, meeting rooms and a large workshop/ event space for our CERIan community to use and enjoy.


With so much positive energy bouncing around we are sure that CERI is going to be a very special place. We hope you can join us there soon, in the meantime you can check out this video of our progress to get a taste of what’s to come.