Startup ACEs tutoring for high school students

Finding a good tutor for high school students can be a minefield.  While parents and students can refer good tutors to friends and family, outside of those networks it can be difficult.  Kids want someone relatable and easy to understand, parents need to know the tutor is reliable, responsible and can deliver a safe learning environment at a good price. The team at CERI startup, Lynk Tech Pty Ltd, have developed the solution with their recently launched app ACE Tutors

Lynk Tech is CERI’s youngest start-up, not only in terms of the business but also its founders, with Raphael Watt, Robert Pennefather and Gwyn Durbridge all in their early twenties.

Their app is essentially Uber for tutors: a revolutionary private tutoring marketplace, where parents of primary or high school aged students can search for available tutors and request to book a lesson at their preferred time. Lessons are charged at a flat hourly rate and all payments securely managed through the app. 

Most importantly, parents can rate the tutors based on their performance. The average rating is shown on the individual tutor’s profile, meaning parents can choose the best available tutor based on their rating from other users. ACE Tutors is also safe, verifying the Working with Children Checks and National Police Certificates of each and every tutor on the service, giving parents the security and peace of mind they need. Finding the perfect tutor has never been so easy! 

The idea was sparked when Raphael while studying for a test in November of 2016 and thought how much easier exam preparation would be with a resource of tutors on call.  As with all good entrepreneurial ideas, however, an idea is only an idea unless there is a customer need and an A Team to deliver the solution.  Raph quickly investigated both, finding a widespread existing need for tutors, before recruiting founding partners who had the serious coding ability to create the app. Through recommendations from friends, he met software engineers Gwyn and Robert and Lynk Tech was born.

While all three were studying full-time at UWA (Raphael in biochemistry and pharmacology, and Rob and Gwyn doing software engineering), the team met weekly. After Raphael completed CERI’s Bootcamp in late 2017, the team started meeting regularly at CERI. With their start-up creating a demanding schedule and the budding entrepreneurs swapping between UWA classes and CERI, their entrepreneurial mindset took over.  When offered a CERI startup office full time, the team put their study on hold to focus on ACE Tutors.  The ACE team have now completed Concept to Creation, have a growing base of customers and are about to undertake a marketing campaign to capitalise on the all important 3rd term at high schools…with exams looming.

ACE Tutors is currently available for iPhone (download here), but plans are being made to make it available on Android platforms soon.  For all those parents seeking relatable and reliable tutors, check it out and spread the word.  For more info visit the Ace Tutors website.