Who are the CERIans?

You hear a lot about our CERIans – but who are they and where do they come from?

CERI values developing entrepreneurs through experiential education and the concept of collective intelligence, drawing on the knowledge of our network. Those who complete our programs, our alumni, are known as CERIans.

Participation in the CERI program is through an application and selection process and the awarding of a $5000 scholarship to successful applicants.

As members of CERI’s thriving and supportive community, CERIans help each other approach obstacles from different perspectives.  They are an amazingly  diverse, talented and passionate cohort and bring expertise from a multitude of disciplines including medicine, engineering, business, humanities, law, science and more.

With an entrepreneurial mindset and an understanding of the commercialisation process gained from attending CERI’s training modules, CERIans may then be offered start-up office space.  They also have the opportunity to avail themselves of a team mentoring program based on MIT’s VMS program.

In 2018 we look forward to profiling our CERIans and sharing their inspiring stories with you.

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To recommend future CERIans or apply to become a CERIan yourself, please contact:  Danni@ceri.org.au