Learning from the best – CERI’s Guest Entrepreneur Program

Learning from the best is the driver and foundation of the CERI Guest Entrepreneur Program.  We bring ‘real life, real world’ entrepreneurs to CERI to share their stories and how their successes and their failures contributed to where they are now.

Our 2017 series concluded with Geoff Pocock, Managing Director of HazerGroupLtd. At our end-of-year event, Geoff provided a snapshot of his journey and inspired the audience by turning the usual start-up advice on its head by suggesting it’s not always a bad thing to consider publicly listing your company in the early stages, as he did, as there can be distinct advantages.

Geoff rounded out an outstanding line-up of 2017 speakers including John Foss, CEO and President of The Chia Co; Professor Barry Marshall, Nobel Laureate; Gary Cass, Founder of Nanollose (bacterial cellulose); Paul White, Founder of the West Wind Gin Co; Mark Pivac, Founder of Fastbrick; Professor Shulamit Levenberg, Biomedical Engineer at Technion, Israel; John Chisholm, Founder of John Chisholm Ventures (USA) and ‘serial entrepreneur’ and Michael Roelens, Founder and Engineering Manager of terra15 (a CERI resident start-up).

Just Do It!
Our guest entrepreneurs always leave a lasting impression and inspire great faith that success is possible with an equal measure of self-belief and hard work.  While they each told their respective stories, the common thread across all was their just do it  attitude.  All of our speakers gave examples of the entrepreneurial approach required for success, mirroring perfectly the entrepreneurial mindset lessons taught in our boot camps.

CERI Serendipity
In addition to our formal program, we also welcome many visitors to CERI, all of whom are invited to tour the Centre and meet whomever is ‘in the house’ at the time.  This has resulted in many serendipitous connections and great opportunities for our start-up teams, who have been able to provide real time demonstrations of their prototypes and make key connections.

After a stellar first year, we are already lining up our guest entrepreneurs for 2018.  Follow CERI on Twitter or keep an eye on the website and your inbox for further updates.