View Charlie’s TEDxPerth Talk

Charlie Bass’ love of his adopted home and his mission to share WA’s  intellectual resources and world-class research programs, are fast gaining international attention.

Charlie’s vision for CERI is to create the environment for great things to happen.

Charlie founded the Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation in 2015 with the philanthropic vision of changing the innovation landscape in WA.  CERI is an independent charity aiming to end WA’s boom-bust resources curse by creating new high-knowledge, high-value enterprises leading to a vibrant, sustainable economic ecosystem.

Invited to speak at the prestigious TEDxPerth 2017, Charlie gave flight to his passion for developing the innovation ecosystem.  Drawing on examples of world-class achievements by WA researchers, including the Square Kilometre Array, the Oceans Institute, the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre and ECU’s Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre, he also sowed the seed of the limitless potential for further discovery and the need to think big!

CERI makes international news
Less than a year into operations, CERI’s vision has already made international headlines with a story in US News, reporting on the CERI’s efforts to encourage innovation to diversify the economy.  For the full story, visit: ‘Mining’ Innovation, Down Under

CERI is often acknowledged as unique in its mission and exactly what is needed to create change.  With Charlie’s vision to guide and inspire us, together we can build and grow the knowledge economy in WA.

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