CERI unites Parliament to be granted tax deductible status

In a wonderful show of bipartisanship, all parties in the Federal House and Senate approved the special granting of Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR1) status to CERI,  as announced by the Hon Julie Bishop MP at CERI’s opening celebrations on 2nd November 2017.

As CERI fell outside the bounds of prescribed charities, we required an Act of Federal Parliament to grant this special and highly coveted status.  In our case unanimous support recognised the importance of CERI’s role in creating an innovative and sustainable economic ecosystem.

During the second reading in Parliament, the Hon Dr Andrew Leigh MP commended CERI’s leadership by stating,

 “The centre is currently headed by Dr Carolyn Williams, a distinguished researcher in this field. Again, as we speak about girls taking over parliament, it’s important to note that in the business sector we have not seen the same number of women becoming CEOs as men, so it is pleasing in the context of this bill to see the DGR status being provided to a centre that is headed by a prominent Australian woman researcher.”

As a charity, CERI does not charge students and researchers to attend its programs or for startups to occupy office space.  Instead we award $5000 scholarships to selected individuals to attend our unique programs.

Now with the granting of DGR1 status, CERI is in a position to embark on a program to attract additional funding to underpin a sustainable, long-term approach to successful knowledge translation in Western Australia.

To find out how you can contribute please contact: chloe@ceri.org.au