Startup Formation

CERIans will be assessed by our Scientific and Investment Advisory Panel at the end of Proof of Concept to evaluate their suitability for the final Module in the CERI Programme.

In Startup Formation we will assist you to apply everything learned from the first two Modules to translate your research discoveries into a tangible outcome.  We will provide office space and ongoing support from our Advisory and Mentor teams to assist our fledgeling startups in achieving commercialisation.

CERIans accepted into the third Module will have access to:

  • Startup office spaces at our Headquarters
  • Modules and their workshops materials
  • Mentor team
  • Commercialisation panel
  • Scientific and technical advisors
  • Venture capital/ angel investors
  • Industry professionals
  • Marketing, communication and pitch skill advice

Startups in the third Module will be required to report regularly and will be reassessed at 6-12 months to retain their position.

“We find that the atmosphere [at CERI] is certainly unique when we compare it to our experience at universities or commercial environments.

The environment is very supportive and there is a sense of expectation, but in the best way, the expectation is from ourselves to use this wonderful opportunity.”

CERIan Startup, Light Touch Solutions Pty Ltd

At the discretion of our Commercialisation Advisory Panel, we hope to in future grant travel scholarships to CERIans who have completed all three of our prior modules.