Concept to Creation (C2C)

“A learning experience is one of those things that say, ‘You know that thing you just did? Don’t do that.'”

Douglas Adams

Module 2 – Concept to Creation (C2C) is taught by real-world experts across topics designed to give you the skills to further your entrepreneurial journey – be that establishing your own startup or contributing to a startup team.  We will assist you to review your idea, test and validate it with your potential customers and develop a lean business model around it.  Key components of the module include IP Strategy and Team Formation, ensuring your future enterprise is built on strong foundations.

“Although HealthRegen was registered 2 years ago, only in the last 4 months have we made real progress on the entrepreneurial journey (more than the total made in the past 2 years). With the selfless assistance from CERI, we’ve started to make measurable development in the  last several months.” Dr Fang-Xu Jiang, CERIan, Class of November 2018

C2C Dates for 2019
* 21 March – 4 July (4-7.30pm Thursdays)
* 15 August – 21 November (4-7.30pm Thursdays)

The Module runs over 15 weeks, including an introductory session, covering topics including:

* Developing Your Personal Brand
* Successful Team Formation
* Defining the Customer Problem and Lean Canvas #1
* Intellectual Property (IP) Strategy
* Lean Canvas #2 and How to leverage the Value of your IP
* Presentation Skills #1 – Communication and Delivery
* Customer Development
* Defining Your Corporate Structure
* Basic Accounting, Budgeting and Cash Flow
* Financing
* Networking and Negotiating Skills
* Presentation Skills #2 – Content and Structure
* Final Presentations #1 – Practise Pitch to Customers
* Final Presentations #2 – Pitching to Customers or Investors (C2C Finale and Graduation)

Completion of Module 1: Entrepreneurial Mindset Boot Camp is a prerequisite for Module 2.
All modules are delivered at CERI, Level One, 22 Stirling Highway, Nedlands.

CERIans who participate in the Concept to Creation module will have access to CERI’s Team Mentoring Program, industry professionals and experienced entrepreneurs, international guest experts, as well as the ‘Enterprise Program’ – an ongoing professional skills development program for alumni.

Those who may not have an idea or wish to create a startup are still able to participate as team members to enable prospective startups to develop a strong operational model.  MBA and business students are encouraged to apply.