Jung Park leads the way, in how to do it, ‘My Way’

CERI’s 2018 Expert-in-Residence,  serial-entrepreneur and personal branding Expert, Jung Park, spearheaded an action-packed few weeks at CERI.

Jung launched Concept to Creation (C2C) for 2018, inspiring the participants every step of the journey, culminating in the message to each do it ‘our way’. To demonstrate the importance he talked us through the words to  Frank Sinatra’s legendary ‘My Way’ before playing the song and bringing most of us to tears as we applied the message to our own lives.

Jung also led masterclasses for our alumni, presented seminars for our new and existing CERI community and met with many of our CERIans, start-ups and collaborators one-on-one.

Jung was also the star attraction of CERI’s first regional roadshow to the South West.   In collaboration with Business South West, Bunbury Geographe Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Cape Connect, Jung was keynote speaker at a lunch, an afternoon tea and a sundowner!  He even managed to sneak in a visit to the Bunbury Dolphin Discovery Centre.

A huge thank you goes to our new South West CERIan community for arranging these events and for making us all feel so welcome.

Jung talks Perth and CERI

US-based Jung described Perth as one of the friendliest places he’s been.  Everyone he encountered here was welcoming and laidback, but also keenly open to learn and engage.  Jung said the Cerians had the same enthusiastic attitudes to his students at home, “but enhanced 1000% on all levels”.

“We don’t have this in the US”, Jung mentioned when asked about the value of CERI.  Having a place like CERI that is an energy driven, inspiring while being a safe environment to allow people to openly share and learn from one another, is “critical for success”.

Jung highlighted the peer mentoring and learning that happens at CERI as quite special.  He said in the US successful people will often talk at you, rather than with you; you often learn best from peers or people who are only a couple of steps ahead you in the business game.

“I’ve never been in a room where I’m the absolute dumbest person!” he exclaimed. Despite being an expert in his field of personal branding and entrepreneurship, Jung has been humbled by the amazing research happening in WA and being launched into the world through CERI, “mindboggling stuff I’ve never even heard of!”

When asked about his highlight of being at CERI, Jung struggled because there were too many to choose from! He told the story of a Skype call with his mum after his first session with the C2C group.  Knowing him very well, she understands the high he often feels after teaching, but she said the glow on his face that night was something else, “The high was at another level!”

Teaching personal branding in the US often takes up to 10 hours before his students really embrace the feeling of vulnerability; at CERI, he achieved the same result in only an hour and a half.

“Carolyn was not kidding,” said Jung.  CERIans are like “sponges”, being “open, engaged and ready” to learn.

Jung’s Personal Branding Tips

Our resident master of personal branding also had a few tips about creating a successful brand for yourself.  Jung said CERI is good at encouraging people to think of the “why” and encouraged us to take it one step further and think of the “who”. By showcasing not only how you’re changing the world, but also which perspective you are coming from, it takes the idea to a whole new level.

Jung encourages telling your story and not only highlighting the need behind the idea, but who is the person driving it.

With Thanks

We send a heartfelt thanks to Jung for maintaining a relentless pace while at CERI while always being enthusiastic with a winning smile. Thanks go as well to his family for sharing him with us for so long.

CERI would also like to thank the AusIndustry Incubator Support Initiative for their continued support of our international expert-in-residence program.  We couldn’t do it without you.