Advisory Panels

Scientific and Investment Advisory Panel

Our Scientific and Investment Panel consists primarily of industry experts, angel and venture capital investment representatives, and proven Entrepreneurs.  Individuals will be selected based on their credentials and may be from Perth, Australia or overseas.  The panel will be responsible for the assessment of applications to attend CERI’s Modules. They will also determine which of office space to our Startup companies, assess competitions or Research-a-thons and grant CERI travel scholarships.

Stakeholder Advisory Panel

The Stakeholder Advisory Panel consists of representatives from each of WA’s universities, research institutes, as well as local industry.  The panel will advise CERI on strategic decisions as well as provide feedback on the effectiveness of CERI’s Modules.  Mr Adam Levin, a partner at Jackson McDonald, is the Chairman of the Stakeholder Advisory Panel.  Mr Levin has had extensive experience in dealings across our universities, institutes and government and brings a vital independent skill set to CERI.