Background Information

Charlie Bass founded CERI in 2015.

CERI’s mission is to work with postgraduate researchers in entrepreneurship,  innovation and startup company formation to drive a vibrant commercial ecosystem in WA.

Through our Modules, Workshops and Mentoring, researchers and their teams will gain the tools to think entrepreneurially and innovatively, leading to the translation of their research through commercialisation with positive real-world effects.

CERI’s ambition is to see our State’s innovation ecosystem expand, which will attract further world-class researchers and industry, as well as the capital markets that support them.


“… reach for the heavens and hope for the future. And all that we can be and not what we are …”

John Denver, The Eagle and The Hawk

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Why establish CERI? 

The strength of Western Australia’s economy is largely attributable to the resources industry, resulting in the economy suffering through frequent boom-bust cycles. Charlie realised that if we are to prosper beyond resources extraction, we need to create new high-knowledge and high-value industries, which remain in WA. Having identified the increasing risk to the future of WA’s economy and a potential solution, Charlie decided to establish CERI.

Within WA, there is already several highly-regarded universities and research institutes that are at the forefront of world-class research in several fields. However, as yet there has been a failure to capitalise on this research effectively.  Charlie’s intention is that CERI will help to foster a strong commercial and innovation ecosystem, which will establish new opportunities for our researchers to develop their work into something that will have impacts beyond academic publishing.


How CERI came to be

Charlie spent almost two years talking with local universities, research institutes, researchers themselves, governments (both State and Federal), and several of Perth’s business leaders to validate the problems and observations he had made.  These discussions assisted in the process of designing CERI and formalised Charlie’s plans for opening this new, innovation hub in WA.  In mid-2015 and 2016, Charlie and CEO Carolyn Williams visited universities and research institutes across the United States to gather further information and ideas for the foundations of CERI. The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, MIT and Stanford University have been influential in the formation of our Modules.


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