Programme Progress

Advisory Panels

Our Stakeholder Advisory Panel and Scientific and Investment Advisory Panel were both established in the last part of this year and inaugural meetings of each went very well.  Both panels will have vital roles to play in CERI’s operations and selection process going forward.


Mentor Programme

As a result of Charlie and Carolyn’s visit to Boston and their participation in the MIT Venture Mentoring Service immersion course CERI has now launched its own Mentor programme.  The MIT VMS is a tried and tested model of mentoring, with over 16 years experience assisting students to become founders, and has contributed to MIT being ranked the second most innovative university in the world.  This model of mentoring differs from other methods as each individual or startup is allocated a team of up to four mentors from whom they can seek guidance, knowledge and insight.  The MIT VMS team continues to work with CERI and provide us with valuable remote support as we develop the Mentoring Programme.

Building our foundation Mentor Team and commencing our mentor program has been an important achievement.  As a result, we are delighted to have been able to match a team of Mentors to each of our two resident startups.

We are very grateful to all those who have volunteered their time to take up these significant roles.


Module One- Trial Boot Camps

CERI’s Programme comprises three Modules each of which assists researchers to translate their work into tangible real-world outcomes.  Module One – Entrepreneurial Mindset, is delivered as a two-and-a-half day boot camp and provides the foundation on which we develop a shared culture, language and supportive community that is integral to the success of the CERI Programme.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Module is largely based on the highly successful Ice House Entrepreneurship Programme (IHEP) developed by the Kauffman Foundation and the Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative. Charlie and Carolyn participated in the IHEP facilitator training in mid-2016 and were granted a licence for CERI to operate the programme in Perth.  We’ve added a local flavour to the content and are currently the only approved organisation in Australia to run the programme.

The team at CERI has worked very hard to prepare our first Module and we have now run two ‘trial’ boot camps.  Following the success of these trials the Mindset Module is now ready to launch in early 2017.

We look forward to welcoming back our CERIan Alumni in 2017, for Module Two – Proof of Concept.

Special Thanks

We would like to acknowledge the guest entrepreneurs who volunteered their time and so generously shared their experiences with our CERIans. Our special thanks go to:

Mark Westbrook

Hans Sauer

Stephen Langsford

Jeff Burch

Gary Pennefather

John Beech