Concept to Creation

“A learning experience is one of those things that say, ‘You know that thing you just did? Don’t do that.'”

Douglas Adams

Proof of Concept takes you on the next steps of your entrepreneurial journey. We will assist you to review your idea, test and validate it with the potential market. IP Strategy and Team Formation will be key components in the Module, ensuring your startup is built on strong foundations.

The Module runs as three-hour-long sessions over eight to ten weeks.

We have taken a segmented approach to this Module, as we know one size doesn’t fit all. The segments that make up Proof of Concept are:

Innovative Design – focusing on needs-based innovation, with the emphasis on WA’s strengths.  Exercises and activities will be team-based.

Launch Pad  – helping you develop your innovative research ideas into real-world applications.  This unit can be completed individually or as a team.

General toolkit – including mentoring, events, workshops and inspirational presentations from experienced entrepreneurs. We can also provide specialist advice in grant writing, presentation and pitch skill building.


CERIans who enter the Proof of Concept module will have access to CERI’s Mentoring Programme, industry professionals and experienced entrepreneurs. Those who do not have an idea are still encouraged to participate as team members.

C2C Dates for 2017
* June 1 – August 24 (5-7.30pm Thursdays)
* September 7 – November 30 (5-7.30pm Thursdays)

Sessions Summary
* Week 1 – Communication
* Closing the Divide, cross cultural and professional communication
* Week 2 – Successful Team Formation
* Creating a Strong Team the First Time
* Week 3 – Customer Problem
* Finding the “Real” Customer
* Asking the Right Questions
* Week 4 – Lean Canvas
* Putting it All Together
* Week 5 – IP Strategy
* Short and Long Term Strategy
* It’s not All About a Patent
* Week 6 – IP Strategy and Lean Canvas
* IP as Part of your Business Model
* Week 7 – Customer Development
* Get Out of the Lab and Talk to Your Customers
* Week 8 – Presentation Skills #1
* Knock ’em Over
* Week 9 – Corporate Structure
* Do it Right
* Don’t Get Caught
* Week 10 – Financing
* Not All Dollars Are Equal
* Week 11 – Presentation Skills #2
* A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words
* Week 12 – Pitch Practice and Revision/Break
* Customer Feedback
* Pitch Practice
* Week 13 – Final Pitch Event
* Final Pitch to Scientific and Investment Panel

All modules are delivered at CERI, Level One, 22 Stirling Highway, Nedlands